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Delhi Court Penalized an Innocent in Asthana Bribery Case

Once again, the Indian law and order system dragged an innocent man and framed him as a criminal over baseless and false accusations. 

In the recent bribery case, the court imposed a sum of 10,000 ₹ on accused Someshwar Srivastav without concrete evidence. The case also involves a senior D.G Rakesh Asthana, who has been accused of taking bribes to save Hyderabad-based businessman Sana Satish Babu from the CBI. 

Additionally, the Central Bureau of Investigation, also known as CBI, has been very incompetent in this whole bribery case. The court further blamed CBI for not performing a proper investigation. The CBI took Manoj Prasad, a Dubai-based businessman, into their custody. 

Manoj was the prime accused in the bribery case as Sana blamed him for accepting money and promising to save him from CBI concerning the case of a meat exporter, Moin Qureshi. On Investigation Strong evidence was found against Manoj Prasad.  

The court gave a clean chit to the CBI former director Rakesh Astana, as no connection was found which could link the former CBI director to the bribery case. On the other hand, Someshwar Srivastav, fully cooperating with the CBI investigation, is being harassed and penalized without proof. 

On investigation, many shreds of evidence were found which portrayed Manoj Prasad as a middle man having a strong connection with the Dubai-based businessman Sana Satish Babu. This associates him directly with the bribery case. 

Regarding the case, many false speculations are spreading all over the web. What’s shameful is that a couple of renowned news websites are also involved in making up, posting, and promoting fake news, only for their personal interest. 

The inefficient investigations performed by CBI officers and the biased news websites have intricated the facts and evidence involved in the bribery case. 


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