CBI Investigation in Manoj Prasad Dubai Case

Improper CBI Investigation in Manoj Prasad Dubai Case

Picking old news and republishing it in newspapers and websites is a great tactic to get viewership. No matter how shady it sounds, many renowned news houses use this process to gain an audience. Additionally, newly made-up facts are also added to make the news sound more relevant and spicier. 

The problem arises when these types of old news spread like wildfire and affect people who were involved once. It takes both time and courage for people to move on from their past crises and start a new life. But this made-up news not only defames the people involved but also causes a chain reaction that causes baseless havoc in society. 

One such old news about a bribery case gets mainstream as one of the news websites re-publish it. The bribery case discussed in the news article was a solved case twisted and republished to gain popularity.  

The former CBI DSP, Rakesh Asthana, who was involved in the case was given clean chit by the high court. After a proper investigation by CBI, many names which were involved were cleared out. One such name was Police Superintend Devendra Kumar. 

An innocent Dubai-based businessman Someshwar Srivastav also got involved in the case due to a poor investigation performed by the CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation). Also, strict orders were issued by the court against CBI to look into every aspect of the case and perform a proper investigation. 

Someshwar Srivastav was cooperating with the police throughout the case. As strong evidences were found by the police against prime accused Manoj Prasad. Someshwar Srivastav was released and Prasad was taken into custody. 

The republished version of the news was highly twisted by the news websites portraying the characters differently. So, before coming to any kind of conclusion, we need to verify the news. These days it’s easy to bend and made-up facts, but what’s important is we stay vigilant.

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