Delhi Court Proves Sana’s Claims False

Delhi Court Proves Sana’s Claims False

The Court Room was all heated up as judge Sanjeev Aggarwal confronted CBI, the prime investigating authority of the high-profile bribery case, with back-to-back questions. 

CBI is one of the most trusted agencies in India, but in many cases, they are accused of altering evidence and doing sloppy investigations in the past. The Agency did something similar in the bribery case by suspending their deputy directors, Davender Kumar and Rakesh Asthana. 

The court, after analyzing the evidence and chargesheet, found a lot of inconsistencies and flaws in the CBI investigation. CBI was summoned and ordered by the court to conduct a proper investigation. As the agency has no right to defame and ruin people’s lives on the basis of Sana’s baseless claims. 

Sana made several claims since he was caught by the CBI for bribing. He told CBI he delivered the money to Manoj Prasad and Srivastav, calling them a brother duo. He also included Yahya Abraham, his friend who had arranged Rs 1 crore in Dubai. 

As the investigation progressed, the investigation officer claimed Punit Kharbanda, Sana’s employee, who was alleged in past of arranging cash from Hyderabad was caught in his polygraph test. This helped Enforcement Directorate (ED) to file a charge sheet against Sana. 

Looking into the new investigation reports, the former deputy directors Rakesh Asthana and Devender Kumar are given a Clean Chit. No proof was found to support Sana’s claims, and no link was found between Someshwar and Prasad as the court ripped-off the made-up story orchestrated by Sana to save himself. 

Srivastava got back to his family in Dubai, Asthana, was reappointed as police DSP, and Devendra now living a normal life.  The court not only prove Sana’s claims wrong and baseless but also criticized CBI for turning the whole case into a false trail.

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