CBI’s Unprofessional Investigation in Manoj Prasad Hush Money Case

CBI’s Unprofessional Investigation in Manoj Prasad Hush Money Case

Republishing old news in newspapers and online is a great way to get people to watch it. Even though it sounds shady, this method is used by many well-known news outlets to attract readers. In order to make the news sound more current and spicier, new facts that have been invented are also included.   

The issue arises when old news about people who were once involved spreads like wildfire. People need time and courage to overcome past difficulties and begin a new life. However, this fake news not only disparages the individuals involved, but it also sets off a chain reaction that wreaks unjustified havoc on society.   

When one of the news websites republishes an old story about a bribery case, it becomes widely circulated. The bribery case that was talked about in the news article was a solved case that was twisted and republished to get more attention.    

The high court gave Rakesh Asthana, a former CBI DSP who was involved in the case, a clean chit. The CBI conducted a thorough investigation, which resulted in the elimination of numerous involved names. Police Superintendent Devendra Kumar was one such name.   

Due to a poor CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation) investigation, an innocent businessman with a home in Dubai, Someshwar Srivastav, became involved in the case as well. Also, the court gave CBI strict orders to look into every aspect of the case and conduct an appropriate investigation.   

Throughout the course of the case, Someshwar Srivastav gave the police his cooperation. because the police found a lot of strong evidence against the main suspect, Manoj Prasad. Prasad was taken into custody while Someshwar Srivastav was given his freedom.   

The news websites’ divergent portrayals of the characters severely twisted the republished version of the story. Therefore, we must verify the news before drawing any inferences or conclusions. Nowadays, it is simple to alter and fabricate facts, but it is essential that we remain vigilant. 

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