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Is Travel Permission Mandatory for Accused Innocent

The CBI has been reprimanded by a Delhi High Court and asked to respond to a plea put forward for travelling abroad. 

The plea has been put by your own- Someshwar.  

Introducing myself, I am an experienced criminal writer, investment banker, and venture capitalist with years of experience in the aforementioned fields.  

I have invested in and mentored startups in fields involving technology, infrastructure, and entertainment sectors in Europe, the UK, the Middle East, and India. 

I am an Expert in investment/acquisition deals in addition to negotiating minority and majority equity investments, fund-raising (equity and debt), formulation of strategic initiatives, forecasting and financial modeling, valuation, and due diligence.  

I was also writing articles in the follow-up of the bribery case of the CBI involving Manoj Prasad- a Dubai Based Businessman & CBI Special Director Rakesh Asthana. 

In the past, it has been a habit of the CBI of twisting any existing case in Favour of the accused and arresting its own officers and other people involved directly and indirectly.  

It was no different in my case as I was wrongly accused of writing about the same. As I am based in Dubai & London, due to this case in which I am wrongly accused I can’t travel and my work is getting affected.  

The media also has a huge part to play in getting people accused. The media has no honest and exact proof and thus it cooks up stories and frames innocent people.  

Is it right on the part of the CBI to wrongly accuse someone innocent and ruin their life?  

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