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Rodge, Sunil and Manish IOCL Officers Booked by CBI in Bribery Cases

The CBI has enlisted two different arguments against a head supervisor, a central administrator, and a business official of the Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL) on the claims of requesting a payoff of Rs 1 lakh for each situation. 

 The principal case has been enlisted on a protest against a senior supervisor, and a central director, both at IOCL, Nagpur, on claims that the previous requested a pay off of Rs 1 lakh to execute an understanding for the exchange of the responsibility for a retail outlet. 

It was additionally asserted that the accused guided the complainant to offer the bribe money to the central director. 

The CBI laid a lure and the main chief (retail deals) was caught while requesting and taking kickbacks of Rs 1 lakh from the complainant. 

The CBI representative recognized the accused as N P Rodge, General Manager of Retail Sales, IOCL, Nagpur and Manish Nandle, Chief Manager of the same company. 

The subsequent case has been enlisted on a complaint against Sunil Golar, a Sales Officer, IOCL, Gondia, Maharashtra on the charges of demanding a bribe of Rs 1 lakh for permitting the smooth working of the complainant’s gas station right away brought about by IOCL in giving the stock and furthermore past favours delivered to the complainant. 

The CBI set up a snare and the accused was arrested while demanding and taking bribe of Rs 1 lakh from the complainant. 

Thorough searches are being led at the workplace and private premises of the accused in both the cases, the CBI official said, it is trying to add that further investigation. 

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